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During the year, Eurobahn Ottawa participates in a number of Canadian regional exhibitions for collectors of scale models. We also travel to Europe to find interesting new models for you, to meet with our suppliers and even to do special searches for our customers. And we offer selected models at special sale prices from time to time.


Each year, we participate in a number of display and sales events that are geared to collectors of scale model trains, vehicles and accessories. Looking ahead, we expect our retail sales display to have the following travel schedule:


  • Saturday-Sunday, 09-10 March 2019 in Kingston, Ontario; click here for more information

  • 25-26 May 2019 in Dorval, Quebec's Dorval Arena at 1450 Dawson Avenue near the SW side of Montreal's airport, but note that we will be at the show only on the first day (Saturday, 25 May); for more information, contact (514)918-1501 or write to the show's organizer at

  • Saturday-Sunday, 05-06 October 2019 in Brampton, Ontario on the northwest edge of Toronto; click here for more information

    List updated on 2019.01.16


The above places and dates are subject to change, of course, and you are invited to contact us for up-to-date information. Many of the events in which we participate have websites to which we have inserted hotlinks, but you also can contact us for particular event names, locations and hours of operation.


We offer a list of specially-discounted models in mid to late winter and in summertime, because (to be honest) these are traditionally quiet periods for the sale of models. Our latest semi-annual sale has now concluded but we invite you to click here to see what we are currently offering at special prices.


Our most important European travel involves visiting the Spielwarenmesse (International Toy Fair) which is held early each year in Nuernberg, Germany. The Spielwarenmesse is the world's most important trade fair involving model railway products as well as being a venue for makers and sellers of hobby and toy products of all descriptions.

We attend this annual event in most years. It's easy to think of this as a sort of playtime for us, but it's actually a very busy and important event for us because it's where we have a series of useful meetings with our various suppliers. And of course we also have some opportunity there between meetings to survey current and proposed offerings from a large number of different manufacturers, often including companies that are new to us.

Our attendance at the International Toy Fair plus related business travel means that we are usually open to only a limited degree from mid-January to mid-February in order to travel to Europe to attend this event and to renew other European contacts for the benefit of our customers, and then in some years to also take some holiday time.

Feel free to contact us for current information on our travel plans.