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Welcome to our corner of the hobby world.

At Eurobahn Ottawa, we specialize in European scale model trains, vehicles and accessories, especially the ones that are harder to find. No North American models here. And no British models.

So if you're looking for a source for a wide variety of European scale models, then you've come to the right place.

We've been in business since 1996 and in that time we've become familiar with the products of many manufacturers that are not well known outside of Europe. We now offer many of these fine products to our customers. We are usually where the others are not. So if you're having trouble finding a source for a particular model, then chances are good that we can meet your need.


We hold special sale events twice a year. Our latest semi-annual sale has now concluded, but we also offer other sales events from time to time. We invite you to click here to see what we're currently offering at special prices.


What do we offer you?

Eurobahn Ottawa offers you two things in particular -

  • a small, carefully chosen, wide-ranging inventory of models, including many that are unusual but not expensive; plus
  • the opportunity to order nearly any other scale model that is available from a European manufacturer (except for a few small companies that sell only directly to you).

How are we different?

Eurobahn Ottawa regularly sells models from a large number of different manufacturers. Some of these will be very familiar to you, while many of the others are small and not as well known.

So we stock or can get you anything in the current product lines of the best-known companies, like Herpa and Roco for example. But mainly we know and we sell the distinctive, high-quality products of companies like Auhagen, Heris, Liliput, Rietze, Tillig, Viessmann, Wiking and others. In most cases, we are the only Canadian source for their products.


Take a look at our Models page to see a list of the many different companies whose products we offer, and for direct links to their official websites where you can get detailed information about what's available.


What kinds of models do we sell?

We sell models from many different manufacturers and in many different scales, from 1:220 (Z scale) up to 1:12. But we concentrate on models in HO scale (1:87), N scale (1:160) and TT scale (1:120, halfway between HO and N).

We get our models directly from Europe. We don't get any of our models in North America. That enables us to carry lots of models that others simply don't have and probably don't know about - we try to be where the others aren't.

We usually have at least 200 different items in stock, with the emphasis on limited editions, new releases and a number of classic models. We don't try to carry everything. We have only a few pieces of most items and many are rare in the first place - when they're gone, they're gone. So our inventory is constantly changing. Posting an up-to-date version of it on this site would occupy a lot of our time - too much of it, in fact. If we did that, we wouldn't have much time left to find new and interesting models for you.

Where's the long list of models to choose from?

Rather than spending a lot of time updating a small inventory list that's always changing, we could try to lure you with long automated lists of models that we don't actually have, that we never did have and that we don't actually know much about. Lots of other companies do that. But we don't believe in that approach, and that fact alone makes our website unusual. We don't imply that we have things that we don't have and maybe cannot get. Instead, we try to tell you here about the kinds of models we do carry and the manufacturers whose products you can order from us.

Use the links on our Models page to see what the various manufacturers are offering and to get model numbers and descriptions. If we don't have it, we can probably order it for you.

We buy directly from 15 or more different manufacturers. Plus about another ten companies whose products we get elsewhere in Europe in preference to using restrictive and/or expensive North American sources. Plus we can get you products directly from another twenty or more companies as and when customers want them. So we are not talking about a small number of products. We could put up photos and descriptions and realistic prices for all or just the most important products of all these companies, but it would take a lot of time and the Internet costs would be huge. Our customers would have to pay for all this cost and effort and we don't think you or they would want to do so.

So how do you know what we've got in stock today?

By sending us an e-mail telling us what kind of models you're interested in (with model numbers when you have them) or by simply calling us and asking what we've got at the moment.

You'll discover that we offer you access to lots of interesting models and manufacturers that you can't easily find, even if you knew about them.

How do you pay us?

You can pay us by American Express credit card or by VISA or, if you have a Canadian address, you also can pay by Interac e-Transfer or with a cheque drawn on a Canadian chartered bank or by Canada Post money order. Unfortunately, these last three payment methods are not available to customers located outside Canada. Also, sorry, but we do not accept MasterCard, PayPal, Discover or JCB.